Conservation Rooflight Packs

Conservation Rooflights Packs

Lumen Conservation Rooflight Packs are put together to make things easier for you to get all the items you need. They also offer a discount for customers who order the flashing kit and blind at the same time as their Conservation Rooflight. The products are exactly the same as those shown in our Conservation rooflight section, all you need to do is select the size you need and we put the package together for you.

Lumen Conservation Rooflight packs are available for the 12 stock sizes and can save you up to 10% on the cost of buying each item individually.

When you have chosen your conservation roof light size, click on the corresponding rooflight pack image from the drop down menu, choose your Lumen rooflight winding mechanism, your flashing kit size and then your blind colour.

Once you have made your choices you can return to the main page and select another size or complete your basket and purchase.

The rooflight flashing kits usually take us around 3 days to make and then we will dispatch with the rooflight and your choice of winding mechanism. The blinds take around 10 working days and are sent via courier after the rooflight delivery.

Conversion Size Chart

The Rooflight

The Rooflight

The rooflight is an ingenious concept that introduces natural light into a building discretely but effectively. They provide an even distribution of light to large low-level structures and can illuminate the dark areas in a room that windows could never reach.

On older or Listed buildings and those located in designated conservation areas; using a conservation rooflight should be considered. These rooflights do not project beyond the roofline, unlike conventional rooflights and usually incorporate more slender frames, as well as additional central glazing bars. The size of rooflight should be kept as small as possible, whilst bearing in mind Building Regulation requirements for natural day lighting and ventilation. This is especially important on more visible roof slopes.

As well as the standard range we offer the Conservation design in both bespoke sizes and the link light version to increase the amount of light in your project

We manufacture a linking/capping section for the Conservation version that offers the possibility of linking the 12 standard sizes side by side for an unlimited number of rooflights in a row. It is also possible to link the LR4 and LR5 rooflights together as the heights are the same. We do not recommend installation of Lumen rooflights directly above each other.

Please note that although the linking of standard sizes rooflights offers the benefit of next day delivery and a lower cost than a bespoke option, the profile will produce an internal gap of 179mm between each rooflight. (please refer to the detail shown within the enhancements and download sections) This will require a supporting rafter and would usually be covered by plasterboard.

Lumen Conservation rooflights are supplied with Pilkington Activ self clean glass, argon gas filled units, American ash liner and a brass winding mechanism included in the price shown.

Lumen Light

The Lumen Light is our stock range of conservation rooflights. These are supplied in RAL9005 Black textured finish as standard. As with all our range these have a high specification of Pilkington self clean glazing offer a glazing U-value of 1.0. The rooflights are also fitted interior solid American ash liner and a brass winding mechanism; included in the price shown. Available in twelve sizes these are usually ready for next day delivery.

Our conservation rooflight is manufactured from 3mm mild steel which has a powder coat finish applied to a C3 (urban and industrial atmospheres) standard for additional protection. If your property is located within 5000mts/5km (in a straight line) from the coast, then you will require an upgraded paint specification. This option is available in the drop down menu on the pricing page. Please note that rooflights that require the upgraded C4 paint can take 6-7 weeks to manufacture.

The rooflights are not supplied with a thermal break, although the internal liner will provide some assistance with thermal transfer. The application of any meaningful thermal break would increase the profile depth and render the product no longer suitable for conservation applications.

The design of our conservation product is bound by certain conditions and we can only make a limited number of improvements. Original rooflights would have been single glazed and would be unacceptable for use with modern building techniques

When comparing our Lumen Conservation rooflights with other rooflight manufacturers it is important you consider the sizing details. Whilst overall sizes might be similar, Lumen skylights provide significantly larger clear viewable sizes than others. Edge to edge glazing may look nice on the roof but rarely offers any benefit and if the clear viewable size is small it will not provide as much light into your room as a Lumen rooflight.

If you are basing your purchasing decision on a finished clear viewable size you will be able to choose a smaller Lumen rooflight which will cost less.

We are able to supply fixed shut/fixed casement conservation rooflights from the stock range of sizes. To do this we take one of the normal opening sizes and screw/silicone the lid to the framework giving a permanently fixed casement. In addition we normally remove part of the manual handle plate so that it does not stick into the room. The handle plate is cut flush with the edge of the internal lining. This leaves a small black plate on the bottom edge of the liner but allows us to fix the liner to the rooflight. If you would like the entire plate removed, we have to manufacture a bespoke item. Please contact our sales team on 0330 300 1090 for prices and delivery times.

Please note that we are not able to accept returns of products that have been adapted to customer requirements. In addition we cannot refund delivery charges, bespoke and fixed rooflights, electric actuators and flashing kits. We apply a 40% restocking charge to all other items so please ensure that you chose the right size to avoid further costs.

Clear Viewable

Clear Viewable

The finished size of the rooflight defined by the internal size of the rooflight liner. This is the dimension you look through once the installation is completed.

Internal Rafter

The most commonly used size for installation is the "Internal Rafter" dimension. The width dimensions are critical as the fixing lugs are located on the sides of the rooflight. Quite often the installation involves the plasterboard being boxed around the rooflight. However in certain applications the winder may snag on the plasterboard at the bottom of the rooflight thus reducing the distance the winder can open the casement. If your rafters are particularly deep and this is likely to happen, it might be necessary to fit the bottom section of plasterboard at an angle. A tolerance for this should be allowed prior to the internal works being completed.

Overall Size

This is the size of the complete rooflight. Please remember that much of the outer frame is covered by your slates or tiles, leaving an unobtrusive low profile rooflight in your roof. Fixed Rooflights & electric Actuators All of our stock sized rooflights are opening as standard. Whilst it is possible to fix these on a permanent basis, the product design remains the same. This will mean that the handle plate at the bottom of the rooflight will remain in place.

It is possible for us to remove the handle plate on fixed rooflights for a small charge.

This will usually add around 4-5 days to the delivery time. It is essential that you tell us at the point of order as we cannot remove the handle plate after this time. Any changes will be noted on your order paperwork and invoice. If you have requested that the handle plate is removed and this does not appear on your invoice, please contact us immediately



Please note that all of our blinds, flashing kits, electric actuators and bespoke rooflights are manufactured at the point of order and are deemed to be special (bespoke) items. Bespoke items are non-refundable so it is important that you choose the right products when you order. If you are unsure or have questions, please contact us via phone, email or live chat to ensure that the product you are buying is right.

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