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A simply stunning addition to any project, the Lumen Walk-on glass unit is not only visually impressive, but one of the best performing walk-on products available.
Don’t compromise on safety Lumen Walk-on units boast a minimum glass specification of 33mm and are finished with a component laminate, making them one of the safest and most thermally efficient products you can buy. Our Walk-on unit can be specified with anti slip glazing to further enhance the safety aspect; a particularly useful feature for those with young families.
Take a walk on the warm side Manufactured using thermally broken aluminium, comprising of two 27mm polyamide inserts, and incorporating structural grade argon gas filled double glazing, your Lumen Walk-on unit is extremely thermally efficient and will retain the heat throughout the home.
Open up your design possibilities Whether specifying for internal or external use, Lumen walk-on glass units open up new design possibilities, creating stunning features in any property they are situated in. A choice of glazing options is available to suit your design requirements, including clear or privacy glass.
Manufactured in the UK to the highest quality Like all Lumen products, Lumen Walk-on products are manufactured right here in the UK to the highest possible standards. We only use the finest quality glazing in the manufacture of our walk-on products to ensure exceptional performance in safety and longevity. In addition, all Lumen products undergo rigorous testing procedures, and are certified to the highest industry standards for weather ratings, thermal performance and safety. So you can rest assured that when you specify a Lumen product you are buying the best there is.


  • Unrivalled safety performance and tested to the most rigid industry standards
  • Thermally broken aluminium comprising of 2 x 27mm polyamide inserts
  • Finished in a tough and long lasting polyester powder coated paint
  • Minimum 33mm Component Laminated Glass
  • Clear Glass or Privacy/Frosted
  • Anti Slip Glass available
  • For internal or external use
  • Stepped Unit for external use
  • Structural Grade Sealed Double Glazed Unit
  • Black Thermal Spacer Bar
  • Argon Gas Filled
  • Soft Coat
  • Toughened
  • Polished
  • Arrised Edges
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  • Can I install your Rooflights onto any roofing substrate?

    Yes, this is no problem. However you must make sure the correct sealant is applied depending on the substrate.

  • What’s the difference between glass to glass joins and the usual bars you find in standard Roof Lanterns?

    Replacing bars with structural glass to glass joins means we can achieve better U-values, keep the Lantern more thermally efficient yet still maximise light with much thinner hips and ridge. Overall, accomplishing a more aesthetically pleasing and neater product by design.

  • What’s the maximum size glass unit thickness that can be used in our systems?

    Flat Rooflight up to a 54mm unit
    Roof Pyramid/Lantern 30mm unit only
    Opening Rooflight up to a 36mm unit
    Balustrade 16.8mm Soteria only

  • What’s the minimum and maximum pitch for your Rooflights?

    Flat Rooflight 5 - 45 degrees
    Opening Rooflight 5 – 15 degrees
    Roof Pyramid/Lantern 0 degrees only

Standard Finish:
Anthracite Grey 7016M
Standard Finish:
Jet Black 9005M
Dual Colour:
Anthracite Grey 7016M External. White 9910M Internal
Dual Colour:
Jet Black 9005M External. White 9910M Internal
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