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The location of your rooflight installation will have a significant influence on the lifespan offered by the protective paint system. Coastal rooflights or those used in areas of high humidity or areas deemed to have an aggressive atmosphere will require different paint to those in urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution. Most rooflight manufacturers will use a single paint specification as standard that will need to be upgraded for the harshest environments. As such, it is always advisable to speak to your rooflight company about rooflights located in a coastal area or high pollution surrounding. Unless specifically requested, all Lumen Conservation and Lumen Planus rooflights are manufactured with mild steel and are treated with an iron phosphate before we apply an Interpon APP120 coating prior to the application of a Cromadex Extra Life coating system for C3 Environment *(see below). As well protected as our products are, the harsh salty environment of a costal location and will result in the faster deterioration of the protective coating and ultimately the metal. As such we do not recommend installation of our standard range in coastal regions or areas which are subject to a corrosive or polluted environment. Although any paint system can be used in any location, the severity of that location reduces the design life (to first maintenance). Our C3 paint specification would be expected to last less than 6-12 months in certain C4 or C5 environments. That compares to 12 years to first maintenance of our standard product in a C3 environment. For rooflights that require extra protection we shot blast the steel, apply a PZ790 primer and then the Interpon top coat. This will provide a first maintenance life of up to 9 years in C4 and 3 years in C5. If your skylight is likely to be located in an environment deemed harsher than C3, please talk to us about upgrading to C4/C5 or alternatively using stainless steel.

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