1. Measure the living room area. The size of the living room determines the size of the lamps. The following data is for reference only: 1-15 square meters, about 500500110 specifications. 16-30 square meters, about 640960110 specifications are more suitable.
  2. Choose the type of lamps. For now, living room lamps are divided into conventional lamps and LED lamps. Conventional lamps use fluorescent light sources, and LED lamps use LED light sources. LEDs are more power efficient. But the price of LED products will be a little more expensive.
  3. Choose lamps and lanterns according to the style of home decoration. European style can choose fancy lamps or crystal lamps. For modern decoration, you can choose ordinary ceiling lamps. Ordinary home living room lamps are not suitable for hanging wires, because the ceiling of the unit building is not high, and some lamps with hanging wires will make the room feel oppressive and appear lower.
  4. Consider the color temperature of the lamps. It is recommended to use about 4000K. Because the color temperature of 4000K is the closest to sunlight, the color temperature of about 2700K is yellowish, and the color temperature of about 6000K is too bright.
  5. Consider the versatility of living room lighting in the living room and add some auxiliary lighting. Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing fashion. They can do some auxiliary lighting on the ceiling, hide some light strips, add some ceiling spotlights or downlights around the ceiling, add some wall lights on the wall, and can also be used as night lights.

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