chandelier above tub

If you’re looking for a little more glamour and style in your bathroom, consider installing a chandelier above your tub. A chandelier is a fantastic addition to your bathroom, especially if it is hung in a place that provides plenty of light. However, there are some rules you should follow when it comes to hanging a chandelier in a bath.

First, be sure you meet the safety requirements of the National Electrical Code. This is a set of guidelines for electrical installation that is updated every three years. You should also check with your local building code to make sure you don’t have any violations. In addition, be sure you purchase a fixture that is damp rated.

Second, ensure that the ceiling is high enough to accommodate the chandelier. Bathrooms with low ceilings may be difficult to maintain. As a rule of thumb, a chandelier should hang no less than eight feet above the top of the bathtub. Those who have lower ceilings may want to consider installing a flush unit, which is a smaller version of a traditional chandelier. It will not meet the needs of everyone, but it can be a great option for bathrooms with a modestly-sized ceiling.

Third, be sure you choose a chandelier that is safe to use while in a bathtub. Whether you are standing in the bathtub or sitting at a table, you don’t want to hit your head on a chandelier. Also, it’s important to note that you cannot change the bulbs in a bathtub. Therefore, it’s wise to consult a professional electrician to ensure your lighting will be safe.

Finally, be sure to measure your room to determine the diameter of the chandelier. For example, if you have a 15 foot by 15 foot room, you should select a chandelier that is at least 25 inches in diameter. Alternatively, if you have a room that is 14 feet by 13 feet, you should look for a chandelier that is at least 22 to 27 inches in diameter.

Finally, you’ll need to decide where to install your tub chandelier. You can center it over the top of the tub, or you can position it a few feet away from the tub. Using a center position is the most popular choice, because it emphasizes the focal point. On the other hand, you can also center it on the end of the tub, which creates a more dramatic effect.

To keep your fixtures safe, choose a chandelier that is wet-rated, or one that has enclosed bulbs. The National Electrical Code is the standard for residential electrical safety. When shopping for a chandelier, take a close look at the manufacturer’s instructions and the label on the box.

Finally, be sure you have enough clearance between the top of your tub and the chandelier to ensure the fixture is not damaged. Chandeliers that are more than eight feet above your bathtub should have a downrod that is at least three feet long. Likewise, shorter downrods are available for chandeliers that are hanging below eight feet.