&tradition’s Beginnings

In the heart of Copenhagen, a group of design enthusiasts came together in 2010 to uphold the traditions of Danish design while infusing contemporary elements. This is how &tradition was born, a company dedicated to producing exquisite furniture and lighting that combines a deep understanding and respect for the past with a forward-looking approach.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of &tradition is simple yet profound. It aims to create beautiful, functional designs that stand the test of time. &tradition’s pieces are not just functional objects but also works of art that tell a story. The company firmly believes that good design should be accessible and open to everyone, not just to the elite few, and this belief is reflected in the pricing of their products.

&tradition: Contemporary Danish Design

&tradition is unique in its ability to combine the best elements of Danish design with contemporary influences. Its original and beautiful designs have drawn attention from design enthusiasts all over the world. The company’s range of furniture includes chairs, tables, and cabinets, each designed to achieve the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Their lighting designs are equally impressive, featuring a wide range of lamps, pendants, and chandeliers that are as beautiful as they are functional.

&tradition’s Design Collaborations

One of the hallmarks of &tradition’s success is its collaboration with contemporary designers. The company has a list of impressive collaborations with some of the biggest names in the design world, including Jaime Hayon, Sofie Refer, and Victor Vetterlein. These collaborations have resulted in some of the most beautiful and unique furniture and lighting pieces on the market today.

The Flagship Store

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, &tradition’s flagship store is a testament to the company’s commitment to marrying tradition with innovation. The store’s design features clean lines, an open floor plan, and an array of beautiful furniture and lighting pieces. It is a showcase of the company’s design vision and philosophy.

The Future of &tradition

For &tradition, the future is bright. The company continues to create beautiful designs that honor Danish traditions while incorporating contemporary elements. The company has gained a reputation for producing some of the best contemporary furniture and lighting in the industry. Their commitment to good design and accessibility to all only solidifies their position as a leading design company.

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