If you are someone who adores mesmerizing stuff or fascinated with colorful, cool home decor items, lava globes would surely be a perfect addition to your collection. These globes are entirely unique, eye-catching, and beautiful, ideal for adding a bit of intrigue and flair to any living space.

What Are Lava Globes?

Lava globes are unique and beautiful decorative items that have been in use for quite some time now. These globes are typically spherical-shaped and filled with liquid, typically water and some form of gloopy, waxy substance that resembles lava. When the globe is turned on, the heat will generate bubbles in the wax, which rises from the bottom, cools, and falls back down to create stunning colors and patterns that mimic the look of lava flows.

History of Lava Globes

The Lava globe first appeared in the United States in the 1970s and quickly garnered significant popularity for its intriguing design and relaxing, peaceful effects. It was an instant hit with the younger demographic who embraced this new and unique way of creating visually appealing and calming environments. It was not until the 1990s that these items gained mainstream popularity, with people from all age groups eager to own one or more of these globes to add character to their homes or offices.

Types of Lava Globes

Lava globes come in various styles, colors, sizes, and types of liquid and waxy filler substances. Although most are electrically powered, some are battery-powered, making them exceptionally versatile and easy to transport.

Lava Lamps

One of the most popular lava globes around is the lava lamp. They are a variation of the standard lava globe that is typically taller and more narrow, with a liquid and wax mixture that has a higher viscosity, producing a taller, more dramatic flow of ‘lava’ as it heats up. These lamps are commonly designed with elegant bases, shades and can be customized to suit any preference.

Custom Lava Globes

With lava globes growing in popularity over the years, many innovative individuals have come up with countless ideas for custom lava globes that cater to their unique tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for a custom lava globe with your favored character or special design, there is an unlimited range of options to choose from. With the rapid advancements in 3D printing technologies, you can even design and print your custom lava globe to create the exact style you want.

How to Choose the Perfect Lava Globe

Choosing the perfect lava globe for your home, office, or any other living space is a matter of your personal taste and preference. However, here are a few tips you can use to select the ideal lava globe for you.


The size of the lava globe is a crucial factor to consider when making your selection. If you want a piece that will stand out prominently, then go for a larger size. However, if you are looking for a more subtle piece, a smaller size will do the trick.

Color and Style

The most popular lava globes available in the market come in bright, vibrant colors that pop when turned on. However, it is essential to select a color that complements your decor, whether it’s bright and bold or muted and subtle. You can also choose different styles, like a lamp or a custom globes that suit your preference.


Most lava globes are reasonably priced, ranging from $20 to $250 or more based on the type, size, and brand. It is recommended to set a budget and stick to it while shopping for a lava globe to find the best possible option within your price range.

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