The SkyGarden, situated on the top of a modernist building in London, and designed by the renowned Dutch designer, Marcel Wanders, is a fascinating blend of nature and architecture.

Overview of the SkyGarden

This grandiose urban garden is located on three storeys of the 20 Fenchurch Street, a skyscraper that has 37 floors in total. The SkyGarden boasts an entirely glass-encased venue that is divided into three zones: Sky Pod bar, the Terrace room, and the City Garden.

Sky Pod Bar

The Sky Pod bar enjoys a panoramic view of London’s iconic landmarks, such as the Shard, Tower Bridge, River Thames, and Canary Wharf. It is open every day, and one can sip on cocktails while enjoying the compelling London skyline.

The Terrace Room

The Terrace Room is a private space that can seat up to 130 people. Corporate events, private parties, and weddings can be held at the Terrace Room while enjoying the spectacular view of the city’s skyline.

The City Garden

The City Garden is the dominant attraction at the SkyGarden. It is a magical space filled with exotic plants, trees, and flowers that showcase the beauty of nature. The garden is divided into various smaller sections, such as the Mediterranean Garden, the South African Garden, and the Australian Garden.

Marcel Wanders and the Inspiration Behind the SkyGarden

Marcel Wanders is a globally recognised designer who has won several awards for his innovative designs. He studied at the School of Arts in Arnhem and later co-founded the design company, Moooi.

The SkyGarden is Wanders’ masterpiece, which he designed with the inspiration of a beautiful winter garden in his hometown, Amsterdam. The garden also features elements of Dutch culture, such as the Delft Blue tiles that adorn some of the walls in the City Garden.

The Importance of the SkyGarden

The creation of the SkyGarden not only provides an awe-inspiring experience for visitors but also expresses the significance of incorporating nature into urban life. As urbanisation grows, such architectural solutions not only enhance the beauty of cities but also serve as a sanctuary for those who need a break from the concrete jungle.

Furthermore, the SkyGarden is a testament to the designer’s sustainability consciousness. The garden is home to over twenty kinds of plants that provide biodiversity and purify the air.

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