Flos 2097 is a timeless classic lighting fixture that has remained iconic in the world of design for over half a century. Designed in 1958 by Italian architect Gino Sarfatti, Flos 2097 is a chandelier that is characterized by its minimalist design and distinctive appearance. Despite being designed more than 60 years ago, this lighting fixture continues to be a popular choice for homes, offices, and public spaces around the world. This article explores the enduring appeal of Flos 2097 and its key design features that make it so unique.

History and Origins

Flos 2097 was first introduced in 1958 by Flos, an Italian lighting company that was founded in 1962 by Dino Gavina and Cesare Cassina. The company was initially focused on producing innovative lighting designs for home interiors, and Flos 2097 was one of their early creations. The designer of Flos 2097, Gino Sarfatti, was a prominent figure in Italian design history and was known for his minimalist and functional approach to design. Sarfatti’s aim was to create lighting fixtures that were elegant, simple, and functional, and his design for Flos 2097 was a reflection of these principles.

Design Features

Flos 2097 is a chandelier that is made up of a central steel rod, from which multiple arms branch out horizontally. At the end of each arm, there is a light bulb, which is partially hidden by a metal cone-shaped reflector. The central rod is suspended from the ceiling by a cable, which is also made from steel. The design of Flos 2097 is intended to be functional and minimalistic, with the metal cones on each light bulb providing a subtle but efficient reflector that directs light downwards.

One of the key design features of Flos 2097 is its ability to adapt to different interior spaces. The chandelier is available in two sizes, accommodating between 30 to 50 light bulbs, making it suitable for use in both small and large spaces. Additionally, Flos 2097 is available in a range of finishes, including brass, chrome, and black, allowing it to complement a wide range of decor styles.

Enduring Appeal

Flos 2097’s unique design and exceptional craftsmanship have ensured that it remains a popular choice for those seeking a high-quality lighting fixture that will endure the test of time. Its minimalist design allows it to blend seamlessly into a variety of interiors, from modern to traditional. The versatility of Flos 2097 has made it a favorite with many interior designers over the years, and its timeless appeal is reflected in the fact that it has been featured in countless films, television shows, and design magazines.

Another reason for Flos 2097’s enduring popularity is its exceptional build quality. Each chandelier is handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans who use the finest materials. The attention to detail that goes into the production of each Flos 2097 ensures that it is a high-quality and durable lighting fixture that will last for many years.

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