Lampa Italux Czarna is a stunning lighting fixture that boasts a sleek and modern design. This light fixture is perfect for modern homes or those with a minimalist style. In this article, we will explore the features of Lampa Italux Czarna and why it is a must-have lighting fixture for any modern home.


The Lampa Italux Czarna is designed to impress with its minimalist style that complements any modern home. The fixture has a cylindrical shape that measures 200mm in diameter and 100mm in height. It is made of high-quality black metal that gives it a timeless look.

The design of the Lampa Italux Czarna is simple yet elegant, with a matte finish that adds to its sophistication. It is designed to be mounted on the ceiling, making it a perfect lighting solution for kitchens, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms.

Color Temperature

The Lampa Italux Czarna provides warm white light that creates a cozy ambiance in any room. The color temperature of the light is 2700K, which is perfect for setting the mood after a long day at work. The warm white light also enhances the natural colors in a room, making it perfect for those who love to decorate with plants and flowers.

Energy Efficiency

The Lampa Italux Czarna is an energy-efficient lighting solution that is perfect for those who want to save on their electricity bills. The fixture uses LED technology, which consumes less energy compared to traditional lighting fixtures. The light is also long-lasting, with a rated lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.


Lampa Italux Czarna is easy to install, and it comes with all the necessary hardware. The fixture should be installed by a licensed electrician. It requires a 220-240V power supply, and it can be connected to any type of switch. Once installed, the fixture is ready to use, and it will provide long-lasting and energy-efficient lighting.


The Lampa Italux Czarna is easy to maintain, and it does not require any special cleaning procedures. To clean the fixture, simply wipe it with a soft cloth or a duster. Avoid using abrasive materials as they can scratch the surface of the fixture.


In conclusion, the Lampa Italux Czarna is a must-have lighting fixture for any modern home. Its sleek and modern design, warm white light, energy efficiency, easy installation, and low maintenance make it an excellent investment. It is perfect for those who want to create a cozy ambiance in their homes while saving on their electricity bills. We highly recommend the Lampa Italux Czarna to anyone who values style, functionality, and energy efficiency.

Investing in a high-quality lighting fixture such as the Lampa Italux Czarna can make a significant difference in the feel and appearance of a home. It provides warm light that enhances the natural colors in a room while also providing energy efficiency and long-lasting performance. Consider investing in Lampa Italux Czarna and enjoy the benefits of warm, comfortable light for years to come.

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