The living room is a place for people to rest and entertain guests. The first time guests come in, they will definitely observe the overall layout of the entire living room. At this time, the lamps and lanterns will highlight its charm and value. The selection of living room lights will make the whole living room look warm and comfortable, and it can also give you a different feeling. So how to choose the living room lamp? It’s a matter of opinion, but the following ten lamps can be used as a reference.

  1. Spotlight, the main function is lighting, it is recommended to choose an open light source type, although it looks a little dark, but it is very convenient to use, the height should not be higher than 2 meters, and the chandelier should be selected with mounting screws.
  2. Downlights, the height should not be less than 2 meters, the downlights do not need to be too tall, simple and stylish or more generous, or choose the light source, or the matt light source type, preferably inclined, The viewing angle is better.
  3. If you use spotlights and porch lights, it will be a little more low-key. If you use spotlights with shoe stools and shoe cabinets, you can be more advanced. When you are excessive, choose warm colors.
  4. The floor lamp can be selected together with the spotlight. Everyone can understand the importance of the floor lamp and can enhance the feeling of space. The floor lamp should be selected from the hanging rail.
  5. Adjustable spotlights and crystal lamps are combined into a different style, or adjustable downlights can achieve a multi-functional layout as small as a two-person room or as large as a five-person room. For many families, It not only saves the room area, but also improves the quality of life of the family. Therefore, it can be considered when planning the layout. If you like the home style, you must choose the corresponding light source.
  6. Adjustable downlights, spotlights and porch lights, tend to be less but more precise, providing lighting in a small area, and a large area in a large lighting effect.
  7. Spotlights, downlights and crystal lights can be selected at the same time to improve the level. The installation of spotlights at the entrance of the furniture and the aisle will cause the furniture to have a depth effect and visually expand the space.
  8. Due to needs, the illumination should not be too high in the living room, public aisle, bedroom, etc.
  9. TVs, computers, bookcases and two bedrooms can all have, creating a spacious living room atmosphere.
  10. The card seat design is added to the original space decoration to increase the function.

The living room is an area with a high proportion of home decoration. A suitable living room lighting can take home improvement to a higher level. The decoration of the living room itself plays a very important purpose to enhance the sense of luxury and sophistication of the entire home environment. The shape of large lamps will give people a relatively large space and momentum, while the shape of short lamps not only softens the space, but also maximizes the indoor area. The layout of the living room lamps should be coordinated with the overall design style of the home. At present, common living room lamps include local chandeliers, spotlights and floor lamps. Spotlights are mainly used in rectangular, oval and spherical spaces, while local chandeliers can play a role in the living room. The role of the top extension decoration is also a common form of lighting arrangement in the living room.

The following is a panorama of a reasonably arranged living room chandelier. With some accessories and exquisite lighting in the living room, the whole living room can bring a different aesthetic feeling. No matter how good-looking the low chandelier is, it will appear outdated and outdated when used for a long time. Therefore, when choosing a chandelier, you should choose a style with a higher frequency of daily use. The short chandelier is the smallest chandelier that can be used in the living room. It is simple but not monotonous. The length is basically kept at 3-4 meters.

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