Wall lamp

If you’re looking for a wall lamp, there are a few options you can consider. Some of these are Ambit Wall Lamp, Dome Wall Lamp, House in S’Agaro, and North Wall Light. Each has its own design, style, and function, so it’s important to consider your needs before making your purchase.

Ambit Wall Lamp

The Ambit wall lamp is made from light-press-spun aluminium, and its design draws inspiration from traditional braziers. Its shade is painted in different colours and features a white interior. The lamp is equipped with a rotating arm and shade, allowing the user to adjust the shade to suit their mood.

Dome Wall Lamp

This classic wall lamp is made with a spun-brass dome and a blown-glass globe. The arm swivels on a hardwood bracket and supports the glass shade. The light produced is perfect for general illumination and task lighting.

North Wall Light

The North Wall Light is a versatile, wall-mounted lighting system. Depending on its size, colour and material, it can be configured to create a variety of compositions. With its core circular form, it creates a fascinating play of light. The resulting illumination changes with the viewer’s angle.

House in S’Agaro

Located in a residential area of Platja d’Aro, this house is only a 15-minute walk from the beach, as well as a short walk to the town centre. The house is also located next to a pine forest, so you can enjoy the fresh air and cool atmosphere without the stress of traffic. The house also features WIFI, outdoor parking and a covered patio. The interior of the house is also well-equipped with a well-equipped kitchen and a spacious living room.

Saber Vanity Wall Sconce

The Saber Vanity Wall Sconce is a modern and sleek wall sconce, featuring a cased opal glass cylindrical shade and metal supports for an air of modern minimalism. Installed either vertically or horizontally, this sconce’s energy-efficient LED light offers a soft, steady glow.

Cody LED picture light

PureEdge Lighting’s Cody LED picture light wall lamp is a dimmable, 3000K warm-white light that provides uniform illumination. It replaces incandescent and halogen MR16 lamps and comes with a 12 volt AC transformer. A three-year warranty protects the lamp’s components from defects.