lotus leaves

Lotus leaves are a versatile food with many benefits for our health. Learn about their Medicinal properties, how to cook them, and their nutritional value. Then you’ll be able to enjoy this delicious vegetable at every meal. Read on for some delicious recipes. You can even freeze the leaves for long-term storage!

Cooking methods

Lotsus leaves are quite flexible and can be used in many ways. One way is to make wraps with them. The first step is to soak them in water for an hour. After the leaf has soaked, you can add the rice to it. If using dried mushrooms, remove the stems before soaking. Once soaked, you can place them in hot water.

Chinese cuisine often uses lotus leaves in their cooking. They have a neutral, medicinal effect that is said to relieve fever and clear summer heat. They also aid digestion. The leaves must be soaked for an hour and rinsed thoroughly before using. It is also advisable to line a bamboo steamer with bamboo leaves to prevent the glutinous rice mixture from sticking to the leaf.