Nestled in the heart of the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, lies a beautiful natural wonder called Li’t Dairi Circle. This breathtaking destination is a must-visit for anyone in search of serene green landscapes, tranquil lakes, challenging trekking trails, and a chance to experience the rich culture and warm hospitality of the Batak people.

The History and Legend of Li’t Dairi Circle

According to local legend, Li’t Dairi Circle was formed after a great battle between two powerful spirits or dewa. One of the spirits was feared and had brought destruction to the land, while the other spirit was benevolent and revered for his good deeds. The benevolent spirit defeated the evil spirit and as a result, the land was transformed into a beautiful circle.

The local Batak people believe that the circle is the dwelling place of the spirit world, and they have built several sacred places within the area to honor their ancestors and pay homage to the spirits. Visitors are welcome to observe and participate in many of the traditional rituals and ceremonies performed here.

What to See and Do in Li’t Dairi Circle

Li’t Dairi Circle is a nature lover’s paradise, and its natural attractions make it a perfect destination for outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, bird watching, and fishing. Tourists can explore the region’s lush forests, terraced hills, and rolling grasslands by foot or on horseback.

One of the most popular attractions in Li’t Dairi Circle is Lake Toba. The lake is located within the circle and is formed in the caldera of a supervolcano. The area is paradise for fishing enthusiasts, and anglers can catch species like carp, tilapia, and catfish.

The circle is also home to several historic monuments, like the Soposurung burial site that consists of seven sarcophagi made of stone. The stones are inscribed with symbols that tell the story of the legends of the Batak people.

Local Culture and Cuisine

The Batak people who inhabit Li’t Dairi Circle are known for their hospitality, warmth, and vibrant culture. They have their unique traditional dance, music, and cuisine.

Some of the must-try dishes when visiting Li’t Dairi Circle include Saksang, a Batak delicacy made of minced pork, cooked with blood, and mixed with spices. Another popular dish is a noodle soup called Mie Gomak, which consists of yellow noodles in creamy coconut milk, mixed with vegetables, and different meats.

For people who enjoy experiencing local culture, Li’t Dairi Circle is an excellent destination. There is always a festival or celebration taking place that visitors can join, such as the annual Silindung Bulan festival, which is held to celebrate the harvest season.

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